Friday, March 12, 2010

Submission done and dusted

Well... my sub is done and dusted. I can't hold it anymore. I can't procrastinate anymore. It's amazing what I can procrastinate over. But it's time to let the baby go and see if she sinks or swims. It's time for the empty nest.
I hope that she LOVES me or that she see something she likes and asks for something else.
I've worked hard on this sub and I've had some great writers read it for me. I can't thank them enough.
Now I need to start an edit on the rest and polish this puppy up. Plus polish another partial sub just in case.
Gotta think positive. It's a crushing enough business as it is.
Gotta be realistic. Not everyone likes your work and that's okay.
Gotta be professional. Get things ready on time. (I'm one to talk for this one - LOL)
Gotta write. It's who I am.
Gotta go.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Writing, Writing, Writing.....

Yep - I've been a bit slack blogging.
The upside is that I've been very productive with my writing. I've finally finished my submission and it is now in the hands of my trusty critters. Notice the word 'TRUST', that is very important. I like the blunt no nonsense - this sucks approach. I like to be told - 'What were you thinking! or 'Are you thinking?' or 'What book is this?!'
Anywho - the sub is pretty well done and dusted. I've found some tweaks. The favorite words that get used over and over and over again. Lazy words, the old favorite words. The characters are settling down and I'm settling down. The only major worry that I have other than 'she'll hate it' is this is primarily my hero's story and my heroine doesn't really come into it very much at the start. But that's the way it is. It can't be any other way and my hero is really very pushy.
I did get some good news and that is primarily why I haven't posted. I got a request for a partial from my 'DREAM' editor. That has been the impetus to push me forward.
So, I'm getting ready to send out my baby and furiously going over the rest of the book tweaking and tightening. Wish me luck.
I gotta go.
Bum to seat, fingers to keyboard.