Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Has it been a week already?! I'm sitting looking out the window at the wind and the rain - thinking to myself - 'what a great day to write!' Winter in Oz - mild compared to our European and American counterparts. And........ Yes, yes I am. LOL Curled up on the couch beside me is one very spoilt blue heeler. She - trying to hog all the heat and use my lap as a pillow. Me - fighting to maintain enough lap space to balance my laptop on. I've started back with my fantastic supportive goal group. The divas are a wonderful, talented group of writers such as Elvina Payet and Raewyn McGill both members of Melbourne Romance Writers Guild. With another writing friend Michael we decided last year at RWA National in L.A. sitting around the pool drinking cocktails that we needed the kickstart and the support of a goal group. We dragged the effervescent and talented Jill Paige in a voila the Goal Divas were born! We set weekly goals writing, reading and personal. We report on our progress or lack there of - the guilt trip does us good. LOL Well - back into the writing.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The shaming post

WOW! I am so shamed. I just popped on to my poor blog and realised I've been one slack writer. Why did I visit my blog you may ask?
It's because of another blog I just finished reading - thanks to Holding the Line By Laura Bickle

I've been short changing myself. Life has got in the way. I've finished building and moving into my house and yeah - it's taken a fair bit of my time. I've changed jobs - several in fact and that has taken up some of my time - but not all.
So - I thought I'd share this blog for any of you who are allowing other things to sway you.
Good luck and get writing!