Sunday, April 4, 2010

I think the Easter Bunny may be sabotaging my writing!

So, we've all had a massive sugar rush courtesy of the Easter Bunny. I know I'll be living at the gym 24/7 for the next year....
I've had a reasonably productive time since my last blog post. Reasonable isn't good enough. I'm in the process of trying to get another book plotted. I know my god - I'm a pantser and I'm plotting. Ah, this is no ordinary plotting it's also pantsing albeit pantsing with a difference. I'm using Break into Fiction which has a series of templates. It takes a couple of days and then I put the turning points onto a spreadsheet. I can look at the spreadsheet and see if the timeline and plot flows or if I need to stick any more pins into my characters. I've found it invaluable and this is from someone who has looked at A lot of different writing tools and gone to few workshops.
What was turning out to be a productive weekend has gone south. I find myself drawn to the dark side. The lure of a good book, dvd, sitting in the sun and eating chocolate doing all of the above. Yes, the Easter Bunny is evil.
That rich, luscious chocolate winking at me from across the room from its shiny colorful wrappings, is too hard to ignore. My gaze drawn with ever increasing frequency until I have no choice but to go over and visit - for a while. Yep, the Easter Bunny has a lot to answer for. I think the Easter Bunny is sabotaging my writing!