Monday, February 7, 2011

Voice - you've got it!

Had an interesting conversation with fellow writer Elijana Kindel today about voice. She's got it, I want it back. What prompted this discussion was that I am doing a fantastic critique course at Savvy Authors with the insightful Teresa Bodwell.
How do you recognize voice and how do you protect it once you've found your voice?
That can be tough. Some writers have a writing voice that projects loud and clear with tonal qualities that are uniquely their own. Others get lost in the wilderness, lost in a swirling maelstrom, victims of our own insecurities.
Once you've found it, cling on to that sucker, like a junk yard dog over a bone. Stay true to yourself, but be willing to listen, think and learn.
I think voice can change depending on what genre you're writing at the time.
I'm feeling empowered.


  1. I think voice also changes over time.

    It doesn't disappear, but like a singer who trains, as you develop your craft, your voice is refined.

  2. Sandra--Love the post about voice!
    You're so right. You either have it or you don't. Actually everyone has one--they just might not recognize it. Or it might not resonate with some people. But for me and my voice... I find that if I'm not being true to my creative side, then I've got no voice and it's all crap. But when I drop the internal editor filter and just trust my instincts and creative side to follow the road map... then I got voice. And then some. ;o)

    And Kylie, I agree with you. Voice does change over time. It changes as a person grows. And that's the remarkable thing about it, because as you grow and change as a human then your voice can become deeper and richer and more confident. But that's me and my opinion. LOL.