Thursday, January 27, 2011

What did I learn in 2010?

Yeah, that's what had me going. What did I learn. Well, I didn't learn how to herd cats - that's for sure - LOL. I've had an interesting few months,with some ups and downs, but over all I'd say it was a great year! People who know me are stuck dumb by that comment and say to me - but didn't you..... or wasn't it a bad year? To them I say nope I had a great year! Even with the rejections, the fractures, the never ending loop of doom I call medical trivia - I had a great year! The power of positive thinking and those yummy feel good endorphins.
I learned a lot, writing wise, made some great new writer friends, met up with some older writing friends and went to a fantastic conference - the Emerald City Writers' conference If you only go to one conference -yeah you've all heard that old chestnut - honestly it's a great conference!
I'm also doing Cherry Adair's challenge finish the damn book.
So if you suffer from procrastination choose to do something about it. Either do something like finish the damn book or even one of the 100 words a day loops that are around. All of them will get you focused and get you into a habit, pick your time, choose your goal and go for it. You never know you may just get a book out of it.
Write on peeps!

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